DIY Bathroom Tile Improvement For Renters 

DIY Bathroom Tile Improvement For Renters 

If you have ever rented (especially in Brighton), you know that often you move in and have to spend a while…de-uglifying it; sometimes you have to seriously question the sanity of the landlord!

So our new bathroom was completely void of any sort of style or aesthetic, not even a boring but easily customisable ‘all white’ theme. There was a horrible BRIGHT RED Ikea mirror (I didn’t even think to get a ‘before’ picture, it offended my eyes so much) and these ugly as HELL tiles dotted in between the white ones.

After some googling, I came across sticky back vinyl that can be cut to the size of the tiles and VOILA, new tiles (almost). So I purchased some white marble style vinyl from B&Q and hoped it would look realistic enough to fool a casual bathroom user…well it might fool them with their eyes half closed, but to be honest the ugly tiles are hidden and that’s all that matters to me – especially as I may be moving again in six months.

Here are the dreaded tiles ‘before’:

Here is a nice ‘in the moment’ shot of my DIYing:

And HERE is the final result:

A close up of the mirror I deIKEAfied with copper tape and some leftover marble vinyl:

So there we have it, the job is not perfect (the original tiles were all slightly wonky and so was my cutting so there’s a fair few ‘wonks’ going on), but it’s good enough for me 😊.

You can get loads of different prints on vinyl – from marble to wood to colourful patterns, so you can create any style you want!

Happy DIYing Sun People 🎨

Zoe x