Hey there, I’m Zoe.. I live on the south coast of England in the wonderfully creative, alternative and music-loving town of Brighton.

In October 2014 I decided to try going vegan for a few weeks to detox after an over-indulgent summer – and perhaps life in general! I was also getting to know some lovely vegan friends who helped educate me on how eating animal products was bad not only for my health, but for the animals and environment too.

I am continuing to love living and learning about a vegan way of life – this means I choose not to eat, use or wear animal products, which extends to things you might not at first imagine, such as wool (read my post about the horrific treatment of sheep from sheep shearers here).

I  graduated from a Music Business Degree in 2014, and am now working freelance in Marketing and Social Media Managing. Alongside this, and developing my music, I’m putting everything I’ve learnt, and my heart and soul, into making Feeling Vegan a great resource for anyone wanting to know more about a plant-based lifestyle from a realistic perspective.

I’ll be sharing recipes that I’ve come across and created, DIY projects, thoughts of mine and those around me on being a vegan and some info on how and why being vegan makes you and the planet feel awesome!

Zoe x