10 Life Lessons I Wish I Knew When I First Moved From Home

1) Buy 4ply toilet paper. That 80p saved by buying the cheapest ‘own brand’ is NOT worth scratchy toilet paper on sensitive areas. Treat your bits.
EDIT 19/07/2017: Get Who Gives A Crap toilet roll! It’s mostly made from recycled paper, donates 50% of its profits to hygiene and sanitation projects around the world, and is 3ply which I think is a good compromise. Plus if you send me your email we can do the ‘refer a friend’ thing where I ‘invite’ you to buy from Who Gives A Crap and if you use the link we both get £5 off our order 😃.
2) Don’t put your spices in a cupboard above a cooker or kettle (unless they’re in an airtight container) – they go hard and un-shakable because of the moisture and will go mouldy much quicker…I pretty much thought spices had an unlimited shelf life until I put them in that fated cupboard. 😩
3) Opt in for online bills with email reminders when you first move house/switch energy providers…you’d be amazed at how many trees they will send you through the letterbox just to say you have been successful in switching…and would you be interested in these other services of theirs?…and now here’s your first bill the day after even though you haven’t used the gas yet…oh that’s the previous tenant’s usage? Excuse us whilst we send you 10 more reminders to pay it even though you’ve explained to us multiple times via phone and email it’s not you who needs to pay it…EUGH.
4) Now put when you need to pay bills in your calendar…as a repeating event. I know it sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how quickly the months come around and you could have sworn that you already paid the gas this month…didn’t you? 
5) If you really need to get up for something put your phone on the other side of the room, so when the alarm goes off you HAVE to get out of bed. No getting back in after though!
6) Night-shift on your phone is your friend for getting a good-uninterrupted-by-pointless-Facebook-chats-at-3am night’s sleep. Just remember to temporarily put the electrician in your ‘favourites’ the night before so your phone will actually ring when he calls to say he’s arrived…
7) There are many many ways to make pasta more interesting. Find some more recipes for your repertoire. 
8) Invest in good earplugs, or keep the pink & yellow swirled ones from gigs (most other throw-away ones are uncomfortable). Your boyfriend wants to stay up watching UFC in the living room next door? No problem. Your neighbours having noisy sex? No problem. Seagulls trying your sanity? No problem. And yes you will still hear your alarm. 👌
At this point I asked my partner what tips he had and after a long pause I got this gem…”Always check for double glazing”…thanks babe. To be fair this is actually a very good tip for if you’re looking for a flat in Brighton as 99% of these old town houses seem to be single glazed, so you can say goodbye to the feeling in your fingers and toes for 6 months of the year…unless you pounce on a double glazed flat when you can! 
N.B Whilst editing this post he came up with a second tip: invest in service washes at the Launderette whilst you can. I myself am a do-it-at-home-and-wait-3-days-for-it-to-dry kinda gal, so it is rather nice when he comes back with freshly washed and dried clothes from the Launderette…but it’s usually upward of £12 per load!
9) Expect to move around a lot, especially in Brighton. It’s not uncommon to move every 6 months or less for the first couple of years whilst you’re getting your bearings – disguised mould, hippies in a shared house who don’t pay bills, break-ups with partners, bastard landlords and disruptive neighbours are all common factors to contend with, it really is luck of the draw. I’ve moved a total of 9 times in 3 years!
10) Stay at home as long as possible before moving and save save save save save save. Even then you’re still likely to blow it all in the first year on deposits, rent, utilities and council tax. 
P.S Moving out is still a fun and necessary part of life and I don’t regret my experiences – I just wish my parents or someone had told me how stressful and sometimes overwhelming it actually is, so hopefully someone will read this and feel a little more prepared!


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