Operation Update

The operation was a success! Phew!

The pins were taken out with no issues, and whilst last time I had a regional anaesthetic or ‘arm block’, which meant I was awake for the insertion of the screws (it is NOT fun hearing an electric drill and then feeling the vibrations in your shoulder, trust.) this time I had a general anaesthetic which was a D R E A M in comparison…that fact that I vomited for an hour after first eating doesn’t change my opinion of this.

There was only a short, sharp pain right at the beginning when they put the cannula into my hand to administer the anaesthetic (oh and before that the nurse slapping my hand a million times to find a vein wasn’t pleasant – ouch!).

Then it was the strangest thing – I remember the anaesthetist asking me how many pizzas I had on holiday last year…and then I woke up?

I didn’t even remember shutting my eyes or feeling myself falling asleep! I immediately said upon waking – “I didn’t even tell you how many pizzas I had!”, to which he said “No, but you did tell me you prefer vegan pizza”…

…don’t tell the people who make the “I just wanted to say I’m Vegan” memes.

Anyway, then it was all done! No pain, no hearing of drills, or feeling of vibrations, no creepy numb arm for hours after. The stitches are out tomorrow, and then it should only be another 4 weeks of being careful not to lift heavy things (and no contact sports – ’cause that’ll be a problem!) and then I’m back to normal! I am so happy this is finally sorted, I cannot WAIT for this chapter of my life to finally be closed and to have a strong, pain-free wrist again 😀

I’ll probably take a picture of the stitches and scar again as that always looks nice and grizzly, so another update soon!

Wishing you all good health and happy wrists especially!

Zoe x



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