Since I last posted I finished my part-time job at a shop and took the plunge to freelance full-time  (or Full-Lance as I like to say) in Social Media Management / copy writing / content creating / Squarespace web designing / marketing (on and off-line) and being a general DIGITAL MEDIA COOL GAL.

So far I have 3 wonderful clients that I’ve been working with since before I left the shop and 1 new client. I am earning enough to pay the bills, however this is where my next plunge comes – to broaden my roster!

I’m in my 3rd week of being full-time, but I need to push out of my comfort zone again and start approaching potential new clients. Which is hard, because I’ve just done a big scary thing of leaving my part-time job and I feel like I could do with at least another month before I do another big scary thing. But life is really just one big scary thing after another, and it’ll be worth it when I’m earning enough to do more than just pay the bills! And how about changing the word ‘scary’ to exciting?! That feels better already 🙂

Another thing I’ve quickly realised, is that continuing without a formal contract, especially now that I’m taking on new clients, is a big NO NO. I’m only just about getting by with the random working hours, clients being tardy on delivering content and being paid as and when, but if I’m going to add anyone else to the mix, it’s time to SORT IT OUT.

So my next endeavour is to write up a contract, or an ‘agreement’, detailing exactly what it is I do, when I do it, how many hours paid work they will receive (regardless of their input), when I expect to be paid and how often performance reviews and planning meetings should take place. This will hopefully protect my weekly earnings; at the moment my pay is determined on how organised my client has been that week on creating content (if they have asked to be solely responsible for content). It’s not nice when you’re suddenly told you won’t be earning money this week from them because they haven’t got round to doing what they said they would! If this happens after we sign the contract, I will still get paid for that week and will work on growing their following/improving their online image instead.

I’m excited to get going with it all so am trying to ignore the fact that I have a wrist operation to take out those pins put in after my bike accident in under a week! Luckily it’s my left wrist so I can still use my phone okay and type – just a bit slower, but not THAT slow as Runescape (GOD, remember Runescape?!) got me typing real fast with one hand whilst moving the mouse around with the other 😛

Any other freelancers out there making the full-time leap?!


P.S The picture is a lovely desk that isn’t mine but I blimmin wish it was! My desk is currently my sofa, and the real thing is awaiting shelves so the wood can see the light of day again.


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