Life was a bit overwhelming today,

In quite a subtle and normal way,

I didn’t tick off many things from my list,

But the sun melting into the sea, I witnessed.


I thought of more cons to applying for that job,

It would take all my freedom, and be a hard slog,

It wouldn’t lead to anything, it’s basically pointless…

…except I could save for that road-trip at last.


See this is my problem, it’s a catch 22,

A full-time job earns enough for what I want to do,

But it would take all my time, my non-refundable time,

30 days holiday out of 260’s a crime.


I didn’t get any further with my tax return,

But the sea was so calm I tried skipping stones,

I feel like I didn’t do anything ‘productive’,

But today I allowed myself just. To. Live.




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