Sometimes when we can see our boundaries,

when we think we know the limits,

it kills our curiosity of what’s beyond.

But sometimes we need to double check that those limits are actually there,

that the boundaries are as solid as we thought,

just in case today,

we can peek

or even walk through.

(This thought came to me whilst walking in the park 2 days in a row: the first day I looked ahead and saw the park boundary and thought – if I can already see it, why do I need to walk over there, there is nothing new to explore. The second day, for some reason I had a completely different mind set of really wanting to walk the whole length of the park and just enjoy the process, not thinking of the end result (the end of the walk). It occurred to me that this could be used as a metaphor for mental boundaries and limits too – sometimes we think we know our limits, that we can’t push through life’s boundaries, and sometimes we are inexplicably excited and compelled to push further. Both are okay – fields always need a fallow period before growing new crops, just as our minds sometimes need fallow periods before inspiration can hit. But it is important to remember that it will always hit eventually…and maybe walking that extra bit further will reveal something to you.)


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