Today I woke up excited for the day. 

I didn’t have anything fun planned, mostly work and chores I’d been putting off. 

So why was I so happy to be alive when I had been anxious/ angry/crying/argumentative, even feeling a bit depressed all the previous week? 

Could it be something as simple as hormones?

Now I know what you’re thinking, was I on my period the previous week? The truth is I don’t know. I don’t actually menstrate at all, at any time (usually) whilst I’m taking my birth control, Cerezette (it’s a ‘mini’ pill and no menstration is normal as there is no ‘break’ week). But I’ve noticed my body still does seem to have a hormonal ‘cycle’, even without a period – even men do too apparently! 

I haven’t been tracking this cycle, I just know that every few weeks I get more spots and maybe get more pre-(non existant menstrual) tension…

Anyway, my point is, maybe we’re not as in control of our happiness and emotions as we’d like to be. If you’re particularly up and down over the month like me, maybe it’s just our hormones raining on our parade. Maybe we can stop freaking out every time we’re feeling low and give ourselves permission to feel shitty sometimes, knowing that it will pass as all things do.

Update: work up next day and didn’t want to get out of bed as life felt too overwhelming…but it’s sunny outside and that’s the main thing that help at times like this so I’m going to the park and hopefully can swing the day back round in my favour…or maybe my hormones won’t let me…let’s see! 


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