Jazzed Up Pesto Pasta

I was looking through my cupboards trying to make the old classic of pesto pasta a little more exciting (although perfectly fine on its own!), when I had the bright idea of mixing in some Zatar, a popular Middle Eastern mix of marjoram, dried sumac (a tart fruit), sesame seeds and salt. 

If it sounds weird, just trust me, it tastes amazing, I sprinkle it on vegan cream cheese and crackers, or dip pitta breads into olive or avocado oil, then coat it in the Zatar mix – sooo good.

So with the pasta, I simply cooked and drained it as usual, stirred in some green pesto (haven’t tried it with red yet, instincts are to stick to green), sprinkled about a desert spoon of Zatar on top, added some cubed avocado and about 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast flakes (very optional as people either love or hate it, but I love it on pasta), then stirred it all up!

Let me know if you try it, or have any other yummy pasta go-tos! 

Zoe x


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