Just Do The Best You Can Do

There is always ‘better’:

Coconut water is so good for you, especially if you’re dehydrated, but it’s quite expensive…

…also did you know it’s usually from concentrate or is pasteurised, which takes lots of the nutrients out…

…so raw coconut water is better, but even more expensive, and that plastic bottle isn’t great for the environment…

…even better, why not buy your own coconuts fresh, buy a tap thing, and drink it straight from the coconut!…

…but that’s a lot of effort, and I feel kind of guilty about all these air miles… and are they organic?…

…why not just move to a tropical Island and drink coconut straight from the coconuts that grow there natively, and are naturally organic, and pick them yourselves so there’s definitely no one being underpaid and no air miles (after you’ve flown there initially of course)…

…or maybe that pasteurised coconut water is all you can justify spending right now, and hey, it’s better for you than Lucazade. 

Zoe x


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