Heads remember past loves. They remember thoughts and emotions. Luckily, our bodies can’t truely remember pain. You can remember where it was, what you were thinking, your reaction to it and even how to describe the pain. But trying to truly feel it again after we have healed is a difficult feat, thank goodness.
So yes, we can protect our hearts from getting hurt, we can hold back, we can pull away when things get serious, we can push feelings down. But we can only know true happiness by knowing despair. Heartbreak is the natural reaction, from the action of loving someone. But just as we don’t know when our lives will be over, we also don’t know when love will be either. And anyway, as A.A. Bondy so beautifully and ruthlessly sings: ‘Love it don’t die, it just moves from girl to girl. Town to town, rose to rose, all around the world’.

Love is always within you. Don’t be afraid. When you love someone, as long as they are sharing their love equally, you’re not giving anything away, you don’t lose energy or anything of yourself. You’re sharing it. And shared love is amplified love, amplified energy, amplified life.


Zoe Brownrigg

These are my own words. 


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