So the title of this was going to be ‘Tooth Powder Cured My Cavities!’, in response to my ‘Can Tooth Powder Cure My Cavities‘ post. However, the truth it’s a little less catchy: at first I used a tooth powder, then switched to a glycerin-free toothpaste, then went back to a powder, all without containing ‘glycerin’, in the hope that my teeth would naturally re-mineralise.

You see, I met the creator of a tooth powder in the Infinity Food store in Brighton, and although I didn’t agree with his diet recommendations: next to no sugar at all – even fruit, no English bread (because it is made using tap water, he is French and says their bread is superior because they use filtered water), and avoid potato because it is a “plant fungus”, I did see some sense in his explanation about the harmful affects of glycerin.

I have since done some research on glycerin, and it confirms his ramblings: apparently it acts as a kind of shrink-wrap on the teeth – the ‘good’ point being it protects the inner tooth from bacteria, the very ‘bad’ point being it also stops your own saliva from remineralising (re-hardening the protective enamel on your teeth) after eating.

So I took a leap of faith and solely used glycerin-free tooth powders and pastes from that moment on (and still going strong, so for around 9 months now).

The first powder I used was called ‘Bio White’, available from the Brighton Infinity store (see a more detailed description in my previous post). However it doesn’t do a terribly good job of freshening your breath, I guess as it doesn’t foam that much, so I went on the hunt for a glycerin free toothpaste instead and found A.Voguls’ Echinacea Toothpaste, also stocked by Infinity. This does a slightly better job, but has a liquorice-y herbal-y taste, so might not be for everyone (it does take some getting used to, persevere!). Another strange thing, is that the toothpaste itself is brown in colour. This got me a bit worried that it might not be doing wonders to keep my teeth as white a possible (which let me tell you, is naturally not white at all), so I wanted to switch back to a powder.

I did some searching online and found that Lush do toothpowder now, so I got ‘ULTRABLAST‘ – which is apparently wasabi flavoured, but it’s not really noticeable. However, I found that when I woke up after brushing with it, it had taken a layer of skin off my mouth – which is a problem I had with conventional toothpastes, particularly ‘whitening’ ones. I decided that there must be a chemical I’m sensitive to in the Lush powder (the ingredients list is rather long, and definitely has some unnatural sounding stuff in there), so I switched back to the ORIGINAL Bio White powder that I started with.

Around 6 months into my little experiment, I had another dental check-up.

Last time they said I ‘positively needed’ three fillings and urged me to get them all done that day. This time I apparently only needed one.

I was stunned. And so, SO smug.

I had outwitted the pain, money-loving and humiliation inducing (“you should consider getting your teeth whitened”) dentists, JUST BY SWITCHING MY TOOTH PASTE.

And no exclamations of ‘wow’ from the dentist, or ‘how on earth did you cure your cavities?!’…I even told him that I had changed my toothpaste to a natural, non-glycerin one and got hardly any reaction at all – very odd.

Do the dentists know that the toothpastes and mouth washes they so fervently recommend, will actually keep people coming back for more treatments? Seeing as there are now so many bloggers online with similar stories to mine, I’m starting to wonder if it’s all a conspiracy…but what isn’t these days.

So from now on, I think I’ll alternate between the echinacea toothpaste (I like the protective herbal ingredients in it) and alternate the Bio White powder, and even occasionally carefully brush with baking soda to try and get rid of any staining.

Of course I am not a dentist and my blog is just a personal experience. I do not recommend using glycerin-free products instead of dental treatment, and please still see your dentist regularly to make sure everything’s okay!

I hope I have inspired you to look into your tooth care, let me know your stories and how you get on!

Zoe x


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