Life is a balancing act.

Work, play, physical and emotional health. There are so many things in our lives that demand attention, it is hard to find the right balance.

But balancing is a verb.

It is a constant action – there are always adjustments that need to be made in order to keep a good balance.

Imagine standing on one leg. The first time you ever do it, you’re likely to wobble greatly – even fall over.

After this, each time you attempt it, your body will remember your last experience and will make adjustments to improve your balance.

Eventually, you can stand on one leg without a noticeable wobble. But, your muscles are constantly making small micro-adjustments to account for your breathing, heartbeat, muscle endurance (some muscles will start to tire quicker than others), even your environment – perhaps there is a sudden breeze that requires you to make a sudden, large adjustment to stop you from falling.

And what happens when (not ‘if’) you fall?

Do not punish yourself for losing your balance, or dwell on the fall – balancing is hard, falling is easy. Praise yourself for noticing, and simply pick up your leg and start again.

Zoe Brownrigg x


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