Vegan Pizza Night – Morelli Zorelli Review

So after being asked to write a review of Morelli Zorelli’s vegan pizza, I have decided that this should DEFINITELY be a regular thing. Luckily there enough pizzerias with vegan options in Brighton for this to continue for a while – Morelli Zorelli have an insane 16 vegan options alone!

After a lovely woman at the restaurant read out the whole list with all the ingredients over the phone (once again, so sorry for that – I had no 3G to find the menu!), we went for:

  • Vegan Smoked Tofu and Artichoke (vegan mozzarella, smoked tofu, marinated artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms, caramelised red onions)


  • Vegan and Gluten-Free Spinach And Blue Cheese (vegan mozzarella, vegan blue cheese, spinach, caramelised red onions).

We also were given some garlic bread (which we chose to have cheese-less) which was offered due to the short notice of being asked to review a takeaway rather than eating in – they must be popular as this was a Tuesday!

I was even considering ordering a 3rd pizza just to try a good range, but I’m glad I didn’t as these things were huge! 12 inches is the ‘smallest’ size (which we went for), with the 20 inch option probably being able to double up as a small poncho in wet weather.

Nearly an hour after ordering and our gurgling stomachs were reaching a crescendo – we were told it could take up to an hour, but it didn’t make it any easier. Finally the doorbell rang and we pounced on the delivery man (poor chap) and spread our feast out on the living room floor.

Whilst my friend went to the kitchen for plates and sweet chilli sauce (an absolute staple to dip crusts into), I tucked into some garlic bread. I had decided that in order to fully remember this experience for an accurate review, I would video myself eating. Watching these videos back is not a pretty sight: holding my phone at a low angle but still within close proximity to my face (chins ahoy), whilst talking and chewing at the same time (what, no one could see) looks….hideous.

Which is why, my friends, you will never see them.

However, to try to conjure the…beautiful…(ly disgusting) scene in your mind, here is the transcript of the first video (me eating garlic bread):


-“Oily…*chew, chew* very thin *chew* and crunchy….*chew chew, swallow*, not very garlicy, quite herby…*chew, swallow*…very oily.”

As you can tell, a lot of concentration went into eating with one hand, whilst simultaneously selfie-ing with the other, therefore much of my usually impressive vocabularly (ha) was lost.

I think I’ll lose the transcripts and try to translate them into something a little more interesting for the actual pizza review!

So anyway, I’m afraid I’m giving the garlic bread a mere 2/5 for its distinct lack of garlic and excessive oiliness.


Vegan Smoked Tofu and Artichoke:

The cheese looked kind of crispy so I was at first dubious as to its ‘cheesiness’, however I found that it was creamy underneath the crisp top layer, which was quite a nice contrast. The smoked tofu tasted a bit like bacon when eaten on its own, but it was cut up so small that it was more of a background flavour than a strong feature of the pizza. The artichoke cut through the creaminess of the cheese and gave a ‘fresh’ burst every now and then, which was very welcoming.

I didn’t actually notice any sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms or caramelised red onion whilst eating, and only remembered that they were toppings when I came to write this review, so either they weren’t put on or were cut up so small that it wasn’t noticeable – I’m assuming the latter. In fact the pizza could have done with a bit more tomato sauce and toppings in general, as it was quite dry towards the edges.

I was however impressed with the bread base – nice and crispy on the bottom with a good amount of ‘squidge’ on top – not really thin, nor deep pan, but somewhere in the middle, which I prefer.

On the whole, it was quite enjoyable so I’m giving it 3.5/5.

More sauce and toppings would have upped the score, but I probably wouldn’t have that exact flavour again but mainly because there’s so many to try on the menu.

Vegan and Gluten Free Spinach And Blue Cheese

Now this was quite a different beast. Firstly, the base was obviously completely different – it was definitely sweeter with a texture more similar to a hard cake than bread, but they still managed to keep the bottom nice and crispy, which was impressive. However, this sweetness combined with the copious amounts of rich ‘blue cheese’ on top, meant that I was feeling a little sick after only a couple of slices. I was however pleasantly surprised with the ‘blue cheese’ flavour – it really did taste like blue cheese, but the texture was much slimier and more stodgy than the real deal. In fact, the texture was quite off putting to me – I always had a problem with too much melted cheese in a mouthful making me want to retch before I went vegan, and have unfortunately found a similar response to vegan cheese. I once read something about the brain being able to detect the amount of fat in each mouthful, so it’s probably something to do with that!

There wasn’t a great deal of spinach on the pizza which was a bit of a shame as it would have added a fresh contrast to the sweet base and rich topping. I know my friend enjoyed the pizza more than I did, but I’m only giving it 2/5 – I think it would have been a 3 had it have been a wheat bread base, but obviously that’s not an option for those sensitive to gluten!

On the whole, we enjoyed our pizza night. I would definitely like to try more of Morelli Zorelli’s pizzas as they have such a wide range – next time I’ll go for one with more toppings or even order extra toppings, as I found their flavours got lost under all the cheese.

Who makes your favourite vegan pizza in Brighton?! I’ve now started a mission to find the *best* vegan pizza in Brighton so would love suggestions!

Zoe x


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