Life Food were very generous at Vegfest Brighton 2015 and gave me lots of raw food (and vegan, of course!) goodies to take home and try. Here are my thoughts:


Crawnchies, are apparently, the ‘first stackable raw food crisp’. They come in a tube like Pringles, but much much smaller, and priced at £2.49, they’re a bit of a pricey snack. However the main ingredient linseed, is rather rich, so a tube could last a day or so – depending on how hungry you are! It’s also worth noting that these aren’t your typical crisps – you’re paying for high quality ingredients, and the low processing temperatures ensure high nutritional value.

CrawnchiesHow Do They Taste?

Sea Lettuce:

My least favourite of the three; there’s a strong first taste of seaweed, which I usually like, but then a strong, bitter after-state creeps in, which overwhelms the delicate sea flavour. Strangely, this makes them kind of more-ish – if only because you don’t want that after-taste to catch up with you! I would not buy these, nor recommend them to anyone (that I like :P).

Pumpkin Curcuma:

This flavour is quite nostalgic for me; it smells strongly like my dad’s room when he used to paint with oil paints, mixing them with linseed oil. However, that’s almost off-putting, as I feel like I’m smelling paint fumes by association. The crisps have a subtle taste, mostly of linseeds, but they do also have a sweet top note from the pumpkin. I would eat these if they were around, but wouldn’t go out of my way to buy them.

Spicy Paprika:

This is my favourite flavour:. The first thing that hits you is the smell of sun dried tomato. There are more ingredients to this flavour than the first two: pumpkin, sweet potato, tomatos, carrots, onions, and garlic – it reads like a vegetarian chilli recipe, and tastes quite like it too. Sweet and salty, this is the yummiest flavour and manages to hide the taste of linseeds! It’s genuinely a pleasure to eat – not just because you know it’s healthy, but because it tastes good too. I would actually consider buying these if I saw them in the shops.

Carob Lucuma Chocolate

Carob LucumaAlthough this is called a ‘chocolate’ bar, there isn’t any actual cocoa in it, just cocoa butter and carob powder. So, if like me you’re into intense, rich chocolate flavours, then this isn’t for you! It also has a rather floury texture and doesn’t have that satisfying ‘snap’ as you bite it, nor the ‘melt in the mouth’ feel that most non-raw chocolate, and some other raw chocolate brands have. I love chocolate, so was pretty disappointed with this!


So my overall verdict is: go try the Spicy Paprika Crawnchies for the novelty, but steer clear of the other flavours and the lucuma carob ‘chocolate’ bar.


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