I recently broke my wrist, and after hearing and reading a lot recently about people ‘curing’ cancer or diabetes with just their diet (and positive thinking!), I did some research into what foods would be best for me to help heal my bone.

We all know that bones need calcium, but because I’m a vegan, the obvious choice of dairy is not one I’m willing to take. Anyway, I’ve heard that dairy can even lech calcium from your bones, crazy as it sounds. 

So which plant-based foods have are rich in calcium? Well, apparently 1 cup of Collard Greens has more calcium than 1 cup of milk and twice as much as broccoli. Bok Choi is also up there, and so are nuts and seeds such as walnuts and sesame. Sun Warrior have an extensive list and table so you can compare the calcium content of food. It does also list dairy, meat and fish, which I won’t be having any of thank you very much.

I’ve actually found it quite hard to find collard greens, it doesn’t help that supermarkets, and even health food shops such as Infinity Foods, often simply ‘greens’. Are these collard greens, or just…greens!? Anyway, I’ve been eating as many ‘green’ leafy things as possible, and have been trying to drink a homemade super-charged green juice once a week, to really pack in the calcium. 

 But it’s not just calcium rich foods you need to eat, other vitamins and minerals play a vital part in bone health too; for example, apples are great because they contain Boron which aids calcium absorption. However, Pineapples steal the show. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also amazing for healing bones: they contain insane amounts of vitamin c (over 100% of the recommended daily allowance apparently!), have loads of other vitamins and minerals, and contain an inflammatory enzyme which reduces pain and speeds healing. WOW!

 My previous experiences of pineapple have either involved cocktail sticks and cheese at children’s birthday parties (ahh that was sooo goood), on pizza with ham (again, probably at birthday parties), or as a random once in a blue moon treat at home. But recently I’ve been buying a pineapple a week and either chopping it up for a tasty snack, or blending the whole thing in a smoothie with bananas and whatever else is in the fridge!

 Unfortunately, as per usual, the substances that you should avoid are in the tastiest foods; hydrogenated oils, salt, sugar and caffeine. This means chocolate especially! Noooo! Despite this, I do still have a hot chocolate every few days, there’s no way I’m completely giving up one of my only treats, everything in moderation, right? Other things that are bad for healing bones are smoking (which I don’t) and drinking, which I don’t do often, so that’s alright then! 

I’m also taking a ‘bone health’ supplement, as even though I’m doubtful of how effective supplements are, I thought that £8 was a good investment – I need all the help I can get! The supplement also contains vitamin K, which apparently is ‘important in forming bones proteins and decreases the amount of calcium lost through urine’. Awesome.

So basically, I’m trying to eat as much of the foods listed above. I’m not perfect, there are meals (or days!) where I could have eaten better, but I am trying my best and really that’s all you can do! If binge-drinking smokers with terrible diets can heal their bones, then I’m sure as a reasonably fit and healthy vegan, I can manage it too – hopefully healing even faster! 

 Let me know if there are any essential foods that I should have mentioned, I didn’t list them all but have linked to sites that do. I also want to point out that I am not giving nutritional advice, just spouting what I’ve read and what I’m eating personally, so don’t blame me if your leg falls off, yaddah yaddah.

I can definitely feel these foods healing me up nice and quickly – the scar from my surgery definitely doesn’t looks as gruesome! Can’t wait to get back on my bike! 



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