It’s been a good week in many ways: I upped my cycling gear (pun intended) and rode 40km in 2 hours with many a punishing hill. It was so much fun getting out for some proper rides, and I can’t wait to get my bike back from its service at Halfords to continue the training! If you’re into cycling, you can find me on the app Strava and see my routes.

However, I also feel that I’ve eaten quite ‘badly’ this week, and I’m feeling the effects; lethargic, a bit coldy, and uncomfortable internally.

Maybe because of the extra exercise I subconsciously felt I could eat more crap – but where’s the sense in that?! I don’t want to constantly stay at this level, I want to get fitter and healthier!

So what do I mean by eating ‘crap’? Well I had fries with my lunch on one day, half a wholemeal pitta on two days (these all contain gluten), I’ve had a piece of cake or equivalent most days (my failed/successful vegan baking experiments), and in general have been eating quite sugary, oily, fried foods – like stir frys with a shop bought sauce, where the main ingredient is sugar 😦.

So what am I going to do about this? Starve myself? Juice fast (starve myself)? Punish myself mentally and then keep eating crap to comfort myself from my own punishment?


I’m just going to make healthier choices starting NOW. Not tomorrow because it’s a new week, now. Because bodies don’t care about out mental milestones like new years resolutions, or ‘next week’. So instead of putting things off, just do it NOW and you’ll feel better, quicker – and this applies to all other areas of your life too!

So today, I shunned a slice of cake and chose a gluten free, non-fried lunch with extra salad. It wasn’t hard. I did however have a vegan hot chocolate because I was feeling tired after a long baking session last night – but that’s okay, I’m sure my body can handle it.

So, notice when you’re regularly eating unhealthily and consciously decide to calm down a bit from then on. No punishments, no eliminations, no starving, just be kind to yourself and body and put nice, healthy food into it, with small amounts of ‘treats’ every now and then to keep you smiling.




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