The other day I bought a bag of ‘gram’ flour, more commonly known here in England as chickpea flour, to widen my recipe ingredient pool. I was particularly inspired by the salivating-inducing memory of guzzling hot ‘Socca’ (a chickpea flour pancake traditional to Nice, southern France) whilst interrailing around Europe in 2013. We ate them not 30 seconds out of the vendor’s pan, plain, except for more ground pepper then you could shake a…pepper pot at!


I had been waiting for the opportune moment to attempt to recreate these simple but delicious pancakes, as I knew they were a bit tricky to get absolutely perfect from previous experience. However on Friday night after work, after buying a single broccoli for dinner (I had a craving), I decided to try something completely unknown and rather rash – mix my craving for broccoli and my never-ending love affair with Socca. And the chickpea omelette was born!

Now, I’m not claiming to have invented the chickpea omelette, as I’m sure there are hundreds of recipes out there, but I made this up on the spot and it worked pretty darn well – it was so quick and easy, dinner was done in 10 minutes!


– Broccoli and or any vegetables you are craving/have in the fridge
– Spring onions
– Gram, or chickpea, flour



Fry the onions and vegetables in a little olive oil, or fry-steam them as I did (add a bit of water to help steam-cook the veg).


While the aromas begin to waft, mix 1-2 cups (depending on how big you want your omelette) of gram flour with small quantities of water until it has a thick, scotch pancake (or American pancake) consistency, as opposed to a thin French crepe batter.
Then simply pour over the veg, swirling it around the pan a little – make sure the pan isn’t too hot or risk the bottom of the pancake burning. Because mine was so thick, I whacked it under the grill for a further 5 minutes just after the mixture started to bubble on top, to help it cook all the way through.


And there we have it, a dish that could work with infinite combinations. Don’t forget to let me know what you chuck in yours!



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