Vegan ‘Avocado Cheese’ Veggie Pizza

I don’t like vegan cheese. End of.

I’ve tried to, believe me I have; on pizza, pasta bakes, nachos and in burritos. I’ve tried many different kinds and brands, and they all make me gag.
Maybe it’s because sometimes (despite many a vehement vegan denial), it really is sometimes very similar to real cheese, and I always had a strange love/hate relationship with it anyway. I used to love cheese in and melted on top of everything, but if there was ever ‘too much’ in one mouthful I would literally gag. This didn’t often happen, but strangely it did a few days before I turned vegan, with a halloumi wrap: I just thought ‘eww, why do I have a lump of salty fat in my mouth’.
So anyway there are my reasonings for not having vegan cheese on this pizza, of course I could have just put the vegetables straight onto the pizza base but…avocado!

Avocado is often used in vegan cooking and baking to replace fat (butter), so seeing as cheese is mostly fat, it made sense in my mind to use it like cheese! No? Just me? Well let me tell you, it was friggin delicious; so much creamier than not having a ‘cheese’ alternative, and it didn’t even make it soggy. I’m sold!

It’s so simple to do, this paragraph doesn’t even warrant a recipe format: just mash up an avocado with salt and pepper (you could even try a bit of vegan mayo to make it more of a melted cheese consistency) and spread on top of the tomato puree on your pizza base before you chuck the veggies on – that simple!

Unfortunately you can’t really see it in the picture (it’s hidden under all the delicious toppings), so you’ll just have to try it to believe it.

Hope you like it, let me know what you think!



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