I made this by adapting a recipe I reblogged last week from a fellow Zoe: Zoe’s Clean Kitchen, thanks for the inspiration!
In my adaptation there are only FIVE ingredients:
1) Nuts
2) Hazelnut butter
3) Dates
4) Cocoa powder
5) Date syrup

THAT’S IT. Date syrup (find it with no added sugar from the health food store) is the awesome secret ingredient that sweetens AND binds. It’s such an awesome ingredient it’s getting me all excited and bringing out the caps lock. I didn’t add any salt, sugar or fat (oils) so you could probably class this as healthy or something – and when you feel this gooey chocolatyness in your mouth, I promise you won’t believe it!

There aren’t any specific measurements in this recipe, I’m more of a just chuck-some-in-and-see kinda gal. Just use lots of everything (for example a whole packet) if you want to make enough for a weeks worth of snacks or for about 6 portions – which I wholeheartedly recommend with this recipe as 1 portion just isn’t enough, it should come with an addiction warning or something!
So here’s what I did, if you can think of something better, for example the chocolate layer didn’t set as I was avoiding adding fat (any ideas?!), let me know in the comments box below!

For the ‘biscuit base’:
– Blanched almonds (I also added a few extra cashews and brazil nuts for bulk as I was running out)
– Hazelnut butter (no added sugar, salt or oil)
– Date syrup (both this and the butter mostly act as a binder)

For the ‘caramel layer’:
– Half a packet of dates
– Hazelnut butter
– Date syrup
– Water (both this and the syrup added to reach desired consistency)

For the chocolate layer:
– Two dessert spoons cocoa powder
– Date syrup
– Water (same as above)

Use a blender to whizz up each layer’s ingredients separately. Pack the biscuit layer into a container using a spoon, making sure to press down hard to get it into an even layer. Do the same with the caramel layer and then drizzle the chocolate layer on top of it all. Refrigerate, then when set (maybe an hour minimum) EAT WITH A SPOON ‘TIL YOU CAN EAT NO MORE. Sorry the caps lock took over again.

This is one of the yummiest things I’ve made so far – it’s raw and vegan and packed full of delicious energy to power you through the day!

This will make you feel awesome in your mouth, I promise!



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