First post…here goes!

So I recently downloaded an app (TwoGrand) on which you can post photos of your meals, log how much water you drink, and show-off when you reach a daily goal such as 30 minutes of exercise. The idea is to follow those who you admire (perhaps they were at your goal weight, or exercise levels, or made the kind of meals you wish you at) so that their continued posts encourage you to try harder to get to their level.

I found that it was a great way to kick-start me into creating healthy, vegan meals that I felt proud of. It also helped me discover that presentation is also important too; it’s as if it tastes just that little bit better when it looks amazing! I like the community feel of the app and will probably still continue to use it to some extent, but it’s a little time demanding; you have to remember/have time to tick off a goal or upload the photos of the meals that day because you can’t back-date.

So I decided to create this blog to allow me to go at my own pace but keep up my motivation, and if people actually read it and become inspired to become vegan/eat healthier/ try out some new recipes, then that’s great too!

Until next time, keep feeling awesome!



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